Superjoint, Battlecross and Child Bite (The Crofoot - Pontiac, MI) - 1/22/17

Tag: Heavy Metal

Review by: Howie D.
Photos by: Joe Orlando

Sunday, January 22nd brought the “Caught up In the Gears” tour to the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI for part 1 of this 3 part tour. Not only was this a highly anticipated return show for Superjoint, it was also the big hometown show for Michigan bands Battlecross and Child Bite. This first part of the tour is nearing its final days but the lineup and the shows in general have been getting great reviews and high praise from both fans and critics alike. The night also featured local support from Fate of Misery and Blind Haven.

The evening started out heavy and it maintained that energy over the course of the night with blistering sets from both metro Detroit area bands. Fate of Misery is a two-piece band (drums and guitar) and the music is loud, very extreme metal as a whole. Blind Haven is a doom metal band that brings you the darker side with that “from the bowels of hell” feeling. Both local bands did an exceptional job warming up the crowd and managed to get the fans in attendance ready for the metal onslaught that was yet to come.

Child Bite was tight and really got the energy going from the crowd. This band keeps getting better and they seemed to be tighter than ever as they gunned through a set list of songs ranging from fan favorites to a few of their newer tracks.

Next up from the touring package was local heavy hitters, Battlecross. There is no such thing as a bad Battlecross show. They always bring the energy, the heaviness and the fun stage antics with them every time they play. The band played a 45 minute set featuring their hits, some album favorites and a few surprises. They say the hometown show is always something special and you could tell by the way they brought on the night that this was another example of just that. The crowd ate up the Battlecross set and many of the songs featured an aggressive mosh pit frenzy going right along with them. This band has yet to disappoint.

Last up for the night was Superjoint. By now, the main level of the Crofoot was packed and it became an official 1st floor sell out. The venue holds an additional 300 people in the upper section that is only used for specific events. As the band took the stage and the music started you could feel the energy start to grow. Once front man Phil Anselmo appeared the place went crazy and you actually felt the aura that follows Phil. The man has a strong and definite aura, there is no denying that. As the band went through their set of Superjoint hits and fan favorites there was no shortage of mosh pits and groups of metal lovers banging their heads to the music being served to them. The set featured songs from every one of their past albums, including the latest release “Caught Up in the Gears of Application”, which was just released this past November. This latest album is the first from the band in over 12 years. Many of those in attendance had been waiting patiently to see this band live again. One of the highlights of the evening was Shawn from Child Bite joining the band for the song “It Takes No Guts”.

All in all it was an incredible evening of metal, filled with variety, energy and power. By the shows end it was clear from the looks and smiles on the faces of those leaving the venue. This was a great evening of live metal music, mission accomplished.

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