Datsik (Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak, MI) - 1/13/17

Tag: House

Review & Photos by: Joe Orlando

It was Friday the 13th, there was a full moon in the sky and it was the opening date for Datsik's Ninja Nation tour at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in downtown Royal Oak. What could possibly go wrong???

Actually, not one thing. It may have been brutally cold outside, but that didn't slow down the crowd one bit. The people came in droves and they were dancing from the front row all the way to the box office. The place was packed with a fun and upbeat crowd that was ready from the moment the doors opened. You could feel the place vibrate to the beat. The music compelled you to move while a brilliant light show lit up the place. The stage and show theme must have been inspired by Mortal Combat topped off with Datsik in Raiden fashion. If you have the intention of having fun at a good show, DATSIK will not disappoint you.

Special guests Crizzly and Virtual Riot warmed up the crowd with some incredible music so make sure you arrive early! It's a non stop party from beginning to end with great atmosphere, music and a really fun crowd. Visit www.NinjaNationTour.com for tour dates near you.

For additional photos from Datsik, please click on the link below:
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